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Water well screen for Dewatering


Water removal on construction sites is often required before excavation can begin. This process is carried out to diver water away from the soil where the building foundation will be placed, keeping the area dry and solid. Xinlu’s water well screens are widely used on drainage pipes in construction sites to filter out sand from the water, and improve the water removal efficiency.


1. High Open Area

 More than 25% of open area allows water to seep through the dewatering screen at a reduce speed, while allowing for a lower flow resistance. The enhances the water removal rate, resulting in a more efficient water removal process.

2. Non-clogging Performance 

 Continuous slots widen inwardly from the screen surface to minimize the chance of sand clogging the slot opening,

3. Excellent Pressure Resistance 

 The wedge wire screen is welded in a single from with no weld seams on the surface. Precise welding technology gives the screen its strength, making it ideal from high pressure applications

4. Great Sand Barrier

 Precisely machined slots keep sand, silt and clay from entering the well, preventing abrasion.

5. Easy Installation

 Compared to bridge slot screens or cement pipes, the wedge wire well screen in lightweight and easy to lay on the ground. It is also safe and convenient.

6. Material

 The screen is available is galvanized, low-carbon steel, or stainless steel in grades 304 and 316, Premium materials do not retain sand and other impurities, ensuring a non-clogging performance.

Custom well screens

Inform us of your specifications for the water well screen, including diameter, slot opening size, length and percentage of open area. Based on that information, we can customized your products.

Main specs for water well screen

Well Screen material: stainless steel, galvanized low-carbon steel, or custom materials

Slot opening size: 0.1mm-15mm

Diameter (inches): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20,  29-1000mm

Length: 2.9m, 5.85m. The maximum length is 6.05m

Connection method: beveled, circumferential welded, threaded connection

Technical Specs of Water Well Screen

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