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water Well Screen for Heat Pump


Heat pumps are properly known as geothermal air conditioners. They transfer heat into or out of the ground to cool or heat your home by using a water well as a heat sink. The water well screen is a key component of geothermal wells, keeping sand out of the water pumping system


1. Open Area Percentage

 A high open area of more than 25% allows more water to flow easily with less flow resistance. The low entrance velocity reduces pressure drops, so less energy is needed for the pump.

2. Non-Clogging Slot

A vee-wire slot opening gets larger inwardly, reducing the chances of clogging. Less sand in the water flow also means less abrasion to the pump assembly, improving and extending the service life of the geothermal well.

3. High Pressure Resistance

 Wedge wire is welded in a circular manner to support the rods as a single form, with no unappealing weld seams on the surface. A rigid welded construction also allows the pipes and screens to withstand a high water pressure.

4. Excellent Sand Control Performance

 Precise slot control ensures an excellent filtration effect, reducing the risk of wear on the pump.

5. Easy Installation

 As it is lighter than the bridge slot screen and cement pipes, Feiya-Xinlu's wedge wire well screen is easier and safer to install.

 6. Materials

 We use galvanized low carbon steel, and stainless steel. Quality materials do not retain impurities on the surface, providing a maximum flow rate.

Applications of the Water Well Screen

This product is specifically designed for geothermal air conditioners for pumping water into and out of the ground.

Custom Solutions

 Tell us your required specifications in regards to outside diameter, slot size, length and open area percentage, and we will produce wedge wire screens to fit those requirements and your needs.

Order Information

 Screen materials: stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, carbon steel with plastic coating, or custom materials

Slot size: 0.1mm-15mm

 Diameter (inches): 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,20. 29mm-1000mm

 Length: 2.9m, 5.85m. The maximum length is 6.05m.

 Connection method: beveled, circumferentially welded, or threaded connections

Main Specifications

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