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Prepacked Screen


The prepacked screen has two wrap layers of wedge wire, with resin coated sands, ceramic, or resin pellets sandwiched between the layers. This dual screen design is effectively used for sand control as it will reduce the sand content found in the liquid that is passing through the screen. A reduced amount of sand also means a reduced chance of abrasion, which prolongs the service life of the entire pipe assembly. The prepack screen requires little to no maintenance, which saves operation costs.


1. Precise slots keep sand out while protecting expensive material.

2. When compared to a gravel pack, the prepack screen requires a smaller well hole diameter, which saves well drilling costs.

3. Using a prepack screen to filter out sand increases the functionality of the well.

4. Ceramic pellets assist in preventing harmful microbes from entering the well.

5. It is necessary to maintain a proper slot opening through which water can pass through, while still retaining valuable fillings.

6. Prepack screens cut down on long-run operating costs.

7. A built in base pipe is in compliance with API standards and increases the screen's ability to withstand high pressure. This makes it suitable for deeper well construction.


Prepack screens are used in vertical wells, deviated wells, directional wells, deep wells and wells in complex aquifers.

Custom Prepacked Screen

Inform us of needed specifications for wedge wire screens, and we will make quality products based on the following information: outside diameter, slot opening, length, and percentage of open area.

Main Specifications

Materials: stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, plastic coated carbon steel, or custom materials   

Slot opening size: 0.1mm-15mm

Diameter (in inches): 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 8,10, 12, 14,16, 20, 29mm-1000mm

Length: 2.9m, 5.85m. The maximum length is 6.05m.

Connection method: beveled, circumferential weld, or threaded connections

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