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Cylindrical Extruder Screen


Supported by a rebar on the outside, the cylindrical extruder screen is specifically designed for polymer and fiber filtration in extruder barrels. Excellent rigidity and strength are key for the cylinder screen to be used in vane cylinders, where rotary vanes generate a great shearing force.

Each cylindrical extruder screen is made by welding wedge wire (also known as vee-wire or profile wire) in a circular manner around support rods. The slot opening gets larger inwardly, giving the screen its non-clogging performance. Built to a 0.3mm tolerance for internal diameter, the cylindrical screen provides a tight fit in customer extruder barrels, so that there will be no friction between the rotary parts and the screen. A high degree of filter accuracy between 0.1mm and 10mm can also be achieved.

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