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Custom Screen Basket

Screen baskets are commonly used on both inlet and outlets of treatment vessels for flow distribution, collection and material retention. Request a quote today with your screen basket requirements, and one of our engineers will contact you in response.

Inlet Baskets

Feiya group branch factory-Xinlu's inlet baskets provide an optimal flow distribution for gas and liquid reactor streams. Made using vee-wire, these screen baskets distribute the flow evenly and in a uniform manner.

The single screen interface on the inlet baskets avoid disturbing the bed materials while distributing flow evenly into the top of the reactor. They are able to retain the bed should backflow occur towards the top inlet. This assembly typically lasts throughout the life of the process, thanks to the strong construction and easy maintenance. Feiya group branch factory-Xinlu's team of engineers can design the screen assembly to insert through the inlet nozzle in many applications, no matter what the design and material requirements may be

Outlet Baskets

 A screen is usually needed at the outlet of a down-flow vessel, to retain expensive materials and prevent them from leaking outside. Feiya group branch factory-Xinlu's outlet baskets are designed for this purpose. Made from stainless steel at grades 304, 316, 321, or 327, these screen baskets have vee-wires and support rods welded at any contact point. Rigid construction allows the screen basket to resist buckling and collapse under heavy loads or high temperatures. Simply contact us today for more information, or to inform us of your specific outlet basket specifications.

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