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Filter Cartridge For Candle Filters


Candle filters have been around for decades and are generally used for liquid purification. At the core of any candle filter, is the filter cartridge, which serves 

as a barrier to separate harmful contaminates from clean water. Often, a thin layer of diatomaceous earth will be applied to the surface cartridge, and act as the filtration medium

Feiya group branch factory-Xinlu's filter cartridges are made by welding vee-wire in a spiral manner onto longitudinal support rods. The resulting continuous slots widen inwardly, making clogging nearly impossible when water flows in from outside the cartridge

Benefits of the Filter Cartridge

1. Tightly Bonded Pre-Coat

Feiya group branch factory-Xinlu 's filter cartridge is essentially a pre-coat filter, comprised of a coating material that is permanently bonded to the vee-wire screen. This tightly bonded pre-coat is often diatomaceous earth.

Rigid support rods allow the entire cartridge to withstand high pressure without deformation. The pre-coat is stable both chemically and physically, and is firmly adhered to the cartridge surface, making it less prone to cracks and leaks.

2. Uniformly Distributed Slots

The structural integrity of the candle filter not only allows the slots to be placed close together, but they also retain the coating material.

3. Non-Clogging, easy Backwash

The slots widen inwardly, allowing for easy backwash. A smooth slot surface has no catch points, which means that it won't stop, or catch, large particles and debris.

4. Low Entrance Velocity

A large open area allows liquid to enter through the cartridge at a much lower speed. A low entrance velocity also means a lower pressure drop and a steadier flow.

5. Materials

The filter cartridge can be made of different materials, including stainless steel in grades 304, 316L, 904L, or Hastelloy alloy. Whatever your material choice, a high resistance to wear, corrosion and high temperatures is guaranteed.

Applications of the Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge is used in chemical engineering, beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, water treatment and solid/liquid separation.

Main Specifications of Filter Cartridge

Diameter (mm) 29, 32, 34, 42, 45, 54, 58, 62, 70, 84, 94, or as required.

Slot opening size: 0.05mm to 15mm

Length: 100mm-4000mm

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