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Screen Plate For Beer Brewing Equipment


Many aspects of beer brewing require the use of a wedge wire screen plate. These processes include separating the chaff from the grain, transporting the grain on a conveyor, screening, 

and water removal. Different production stages call for different screen plates, which is why we use diverse wire profiles to make the plates, including vee-wire and o-shaped wire. Depending

 on the size range to be sorted, we can customize the screen plate to fit your production requirements.

To ensure the quality and standard compliance of these screen plates, we control each production step, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and final product packaging. 

With this in mind, customers are guaranteed that their order will meet the highest standards in breweries and other aspects of the food industry.

Along with screen plates, we also provide 

screen laterals, which easily accommodate a wide variety of vessel shapes and sizes, with side, center, top, or bottom inlet piping, and can also be designed to handle any directional


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