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How to choose low cost mine screen


In the purchase of the screen as much as possible when asked about the number of quotations, goods than three home is always good, don't be afraid of trouble. If there is a large difference in price there is definitely a problem, such as stainless steel mesh material 304 with 201 materials. Wire mesh, with the latitude steel iron, the cost must be much lower, is very easy to see, the actual use of the difference is very apparent. In a hole, the requirement is 1 cm, to do it is 1.2 cm. Which differences are normal, but the average error is less than 0.05 mm, if the big difference between the words belong to deceive. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of shoddy work. This behavior seriously disrupting the normal economic order, resulting in unfair competition, entrap consumers, to wipe the black Anping wire mesh, is not conducive to the normal, healthy development of Anping wire mesh. Buyer and less understanding of the screen, and Anping wire mesh product quality supervision is not great, resulting in the current state of the market is chaotic.

How to use customer selection screen to reduce costs. Many factors, than mine mesh such as quality manufacturers, reduced procurement links, but the main should is the choice of products, how to choose the right products.

First, we must define the use of good products, the product should be used in what kind of environment, to meet the conditions of how. For instance, the countryside to vegetable ring. The purpose is to prevent damage to the cattle, sheep and chickens, ducks and other animals, so with barbed wire, with a stainless steel net is clearly a waste. In the same way, the higher the purity of the chemical plant, such as to use a wire mesh, the price is low, it is clear that the use of the requirements, we must consider the stainless steel mesh. Therefore to understand the screen material property and price, generally speaking, the screen material made of steel hinge line, wire, redrawing, BLACKSTEEL, white steel, galvanized iron wire, hot dipped galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper and other, its source material price increases in turn. In order to choose the appropriate specifications, 2 mm wire diameter can meet the use requirements of 2.5 mm, 2 cm diameter can meet the use of 1.5 cm, which requires a gradual test, so as to find the most suitable specifications.