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Mine screen mesh

   Screen net is a kind of metal mesh components for sifting and filtering. Application in the screening, filtration, dehydration, dehydration, etc.. It has a very high intensity,
Product description



 Mine screen mesh,   According to the shape of the prifle wire is also called wedge wire screen, v wire mine screen mesh, triangular ore screen mesh, trapezoidal wire screen mesh.. It’s a kind of metal wire mesh structure components used in sieving and filter. Widely used in many industries for screening, dehydration, desliming operation, etc. It has high strength, stiffness and carring capacity, also can be made into all kinds shape of stiffness screening filter unit.

Our factory can offer various kinds of stainless steel welded wedge wire arc-shape mine screen mesh .customers can choose different size and opening arc-shape sieving plate and sieving slice,according to the needs of themselves,in order to meet its actual need.

It’s gap precision, demedium performance is good and durable, the minimum slot can be reach 0.15 mm,  The wire geometric shapes is good , the scrape edge is sharp, cutting ability is strong, can not only ensure the highest efficiency, but also to the maximum avoid screen hole plug.