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Header lateral

      Header laterals have a number of side arms arranged in a herringbone pattern, along the central header pipe. These arms are wedge wire screen laterals, typically made of premium stainless steel in grades 304 and 316L.He
Product description



Hub laterals include 4 or 6 arms that radiate outward from a central hub, reminiscent of wheel spokes. All of these wedge wire laterals are made of quality stainless steel in grades 304 or 316L. The slot opening size choices are 0.1mm to 10mm.

Known for the excellent flow pressure resistance and excellent durability. Feiya Group branch factory-Xinlu wedge wire distributors have flanges welded to each lateral arm.

Model Section

Most of the screen laterals are customized to fit specific customer needs and application requirements. The table below only lists a few popular choices. Contact us if you have specifications not covered in the table.