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Wedge Wire Filter Element

  Brief introduction
The working part is cylindrical, the sieve tube around the axis of rotation axis, in general under the conditions of small angle into. Material from one end of the cylinder to enter, the level of fine
Product description



The wedge wire filter element is different from those made of either wire mesh or perforated plates. As the first uses wedge wires (such as profile wire, v-wire, and triangle-wire) to form the helix pattern for liquid and fine particles to seep through the continuous slots. The v-wire and its support rod are welded together at each contact point for strength and corrosion resistance.

The vee-wire screen is ideal for water treatment, solid / liquid separation, water removal, and slime removal. For each application, customers can choose their materials, including stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel. If require, we can add a scarper blade, brush, or a suction nozzle to the interior of the wire screen cylinder.

Feiya Group Branch Factory-Xinlu’s profile wire screen can be used in urban water treatment, agricultural irrigation, vegetable dehydration and water removal from manure.

Main Specifications

Material: 321, 304, 304L, 316, or 316L stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel

Slot opening: 0.1mm - 15mm

Diameter: 150mm – 1000mm

Length: 100mm – 3500mm