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Wedge wire cylindrical element

    1 continuity of production process: V profile line is formed in the groove, so avoid clogging, reduce downtime.
2 low maintenance cost: separation, easy to clean the surface of the screen, can be used after washing or scraping.
Product description




Cylindrical sieve can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food, medicine, abrasive and chemical industry, such as dry powder or granular material screening, especially suitable for dry production mechanism sand, can also be used for granular wet material screening.


1 screen dry clean net output from strong, non blocking, screening efficiency.

2 screen ratio of the material composition of a flexible screen size can be adjusted to achieve the expected proportion.

3 screening ability, a wide range of screening.

4 simple operation, adjustment, easy maintenance.

5 off, small pollution, good environment.

6 no vibration, noise, long service life.


Mineral processing equipment - cylindrical sieve, and to provide you with first-class processing technology and technical support, to understand more information about mineral processing equipment, cylindrical sieve pulp paper production process, high concentration of pulp machine, high concentration of cleaning agent, after the coarse filter to remove the pulp and pulp, reduce the burden on the back filter.