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Cylindrical Element for FITO

    Y type filter, is the use of hydraulic control valve and the precision of the easy to plug the mechanical product must have the filter equipment. Usually installed in the inlet of the hydraulic control valve and other equipment to prevent the entry of
Product description



Cylindrical screen, changeable filter element, wedge wire cylinder element.


External circumferential inverted wire and axial internal support rods.


• economical


• Inside-out flow

Internal circumferential Wire (re-rolled)

internal circumferential wire with external axial support rods.


• Smooth internal filter surface

• custom inner diameter


• screw press

Internal axial wire (wire-base)

internal axial wire with external circumferential support rods.


• smooth internal screen surface

• Facilitates cleaning with an internal axial-movement scraper

• The flow moves across the wire edges for effective dewatering


• trommel screens with internal feed

• systems with an internal rotor or screw

• dewatering systems

• Baskets

• Automatic filters