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Wedge Wire Grating

                     Base specification:Profile Wire: 3X5mm, 3.2X5.5mm, 3X6mm, etcSupport bar: 6-12mmSpace bar: min 45mmSlot: 0.3-2mmWidth: up to 1.0mLength: up to 2mSome of the sa
Product description




Base specification:

Profile Wire: 3X5mm, 3.2X5.5mm, 3X6mm, etc

Support bar: Φ6-Φ12mm

Space bar: min 45mm

Slot: 0.3-2mm

Width: up to 1.0m

Length: up to 2m

Some of the salient features of Welded Wedge Wire Screen Grating are :

1.Higher % age of Open Area.

2.Betters Strength.

3.Longer Service Life & better wear resistance.

4.Easy to Install & replace.

5. Flexibility in design.