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Extensive analysis of various mechanical sieve plates in the vibrating screen an


The sieve is sieving machine to complete the working parts of the screening process, every screening machinery to choose a according to the work requirements of the sieve plate. Shape: rectangle, square, round, rectangular shape, narrow pores, flowers and other type of pass. Various characteristics of the material, plate of different structure and parameters of the material and sieve machine are the vibration sieve screening capacity, efficiency, run rough life and produce certain effect, different materials, different places should choose different sieve plate, in order to achieve the screening of the best results.

Scope of application: Metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), nonferrous metals, gold, coal, chemical, building materials and hydropower projects, abrasive waste disposal, quarry and other industrial materials, screening, grading, slag removal, dehydration and other mechanical industry. The opening rate of sieve plate should have sufficient strength, high performance and easy plugging. Vibrating screen vibrating sieve material passed through the different shapes and sizes, material size, in under the action of vibration, materials with different particle size were separated to achieve the purpose of classification.

A, according to the requirements of process size and screening operations by screen material, generally can be divided into the following several kinds of sieve plate:

1, bar sieve plate: bar sieve plate is composed of a set of parallel arrangement, has a certain section shape of steel rod. The rods are arranged in parallel, the interval between the bar is the screen size. The bar screen is generally used for fixed or heavy vibrating screen, which is suitable for the coarse grain size of 50mm.

2, punching sieve: punching sieve is generally in the plate on the thickness 5-12mm of the prepared circular, square or rectangular mesh and. Compared with round or square mesh sieve plate, rectangular mesh sieve surface usually effective area is large, light weight, high productivity, suitable for processing materials with high moisture content, but screening separation accuracy is poor.

3, braided sieve net: woven mesh sieve is by pressing buckle bending metal wire woven and mesh shape is a square or rectangular. Its advantages are: light weight, high opening rate, and in the screening process, because the metal wire has a certain elasticity, and make high frequency vibration, so that the material on the wire to stick on the wire off, so as to improve the screening efficiency. Suitable for medium - to - fine material screening. But its disadvantage is that the use of shorter life. Mesh sieve surface coarse pores and holes two. The coarse mesh weaving material manufacturing, low carbon structural steel wire, spring steel wire and stainless steel wire. The mesh size is generally: 4-125mm, wire diameter of 1.6-12.5mm. Pore woven mesh generally consists of low carbon steel, brass, tin, tin table copper and stainless steel material, special weaving machine and become. The opening rate is: 36%-80%, size: 0.03-16mm. The applicable screen angle is: 18 -30.

4, sieve plates: sieve sieve plates made of stainless steel, wear strip, welding and braiding structure of three types. The sieve plate slit section round shape, width can be 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 2mm etc.. Sieve plates suitable for fine dehydration, desliming sculping and.

5, poly amine resin plate: polyurethane sieve plate is a macromolecule elastic plate. It has excellent resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, bacteria resistance, aging resistance performance. The plate can not only greatly reduce weight of equipment, reduce the equipment cost, prolong the service life, and reduce the noise, widely used in industries of mine, metallurgy, coal, coke, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. the vibration sieve classification work of washing. Polyurethane sieve pore shape: comb, square hole, long hole, hole and slot type etc.. Material classification granularity: 0.1-80mm. Sieve plate in the sieve box installation can uniformly tighten and firm, on the screen surface of the screening efficiency and service life have great influence. Usually, punching sieve and a slot screen panel with wedge strip fixed; twine diameter smaller mesh and thickness is less than 6mm punch sieve surface with fixed pull hook; twine diameter greater than 9.5mm woven nets and thickness greater than 8mm punching sieve with pressure provided and screw fixation. Two, the role and characteristics of sieve plate:

1, polyurethane elastomer sieve plate wear resistance, long life, is ten times more than the metal screen is 3-5 times that of ordinary plywood, which is 2-3 times that of stainless steel.

2 tons of ore consumption, cost is lower than the metal plate net.

3, wet, wear-resisting performance is good.

4, shock absorption, noise reduction, metal plate (net) lower than 10bB times.

5, automatic cleaning, due to the characteristics of the two times the polyurethane vibration is not blocking the hole, high screening efficiency

The characteristics and applications of different high frequency vibration sieve plate (net): high frequency vibrating screen is a, and energy-saving dewatering equipment, mainly for coal slurry and coal slime dewatering, different high frequency vibration sieve plate (net) types, structure, performance characteristics, scope of application and selection principle are introduced. In coal washing operation, grading slime, dewatering and recycling is to achieve closed-circuit circulation of wash water, water recycling, reducing the pollution of the environment is an important link, the high frequency vibration sieve (hereinafter referred to as the high frequency screen) is in high frequency, high vibration strength for vibration characteristics of screen, as dehydration, for the purpose of wet sieving machine, apply to wet 0.5nun as fine particulate material. The welding of stainless steel sieve plate is made of stainless steel mesh and steel metal frame welded by pressing bolts fixed, installation. Characteristics of the sieve plate can be in accordance with the needs of users, flexible selection of sieve seam and dimension, sieve gaps are uniform, easy processing of shape, opening rate than the composite mesh low, is about 20%,while the use of welding process will affect the effect of plate handling capacity per unit area, screen size, feeding size and other factors, the concentration of slime the amount of influence, but is still optimistic about the majority of manufacturers, because the net surface stiffness, plate has long service life, but in the first choice must be careful, if the screen surface running water production, high ash content, may be appropriate to increase the screen size, in order to improve the opening rate, the maximum not more than 0.5mm, otherwise it will be for the subsequent flotation machine and other production processes caused a series of problems. Four, the matters needing attention:

1, the company's products in the factory although strict inspection, but due to transport or may not be expected to happen, so in the purchase of products, please sure to carefully check your order product model and is in conformity with the specifications, the distribution of power and logo nameplate is consistent (voltage error of + / - 10%), whether there is a local component damage or impaired, the screws and fastening component loosening, manual, qualified certificate and other accessories are complete.

2, on-site installation, please hold the bottom of the main body, so as not to drop the risk of foot injury.

3, when wiring should pay attention to cut off the power input, after the completion of the connection, please be sure to check the wiring, screws, wiring first whether to remain in the device, the screw is loose, terminal part and other terminal short circuit, grounding cable is correctly confirmed terminal cover after installing the, can close the input power.

4, the machine should be placed in the surrounding area with the minimum 500mm distance, and the installation is stable, reliable.

5, this machine can be used in continuous and uniform feeding, feeding size screen surface can timely digest for the best effect, and feed from the feed port height of not more than 30mm or additional buffer device, in order to avoid screen is easy to damage or loose.

Five, maintenance:

1, do not use to cut off power.

2, cleaning the water is not to wash the motor, to prevent leakage.

3, to keep the screen clean, in order to get the best filtering effect, cleaning the screen, without stopping the machine, according to the filter material and different, and use the corresponding cleaning agent. At the same time, the screen is strictly prohibited by sharp hard object collision.

4, if the use of abnormal sound, please stop check. The new type of vibration Guangjian newly developed composite mesh sieve sieve, the upper layer is tensioned on the frame of the lower plate welding (welding of stainless steel plate or carbon steel plate), is actually the composite sieve and sieve plate welded together, only lower the welding seam large sieve plate, which overcomes the composite mesh due to lack of support stiffness, lead to the problems of short service life, but also overcomes the shortcomings of low porosity welded stainless steel sieve plate, simply replacing the upper layer composite mesh regularly, according to the feedback, the combination of high frequency sieve plate technology not only has obvious effect, and convenient replacement, low cost, has been highly recognized by users the.

In recent years, a variety of domestic polyurethane sieve plate in screening operations in the application development very fast, and the stainless steel welding plate compared and long service life. Has the excellence of high wear resistance, high elasticity, sound absorption and vibration damping and characteristics, typical structure protruding part and sieve box beam groove mosaic together, the disassembly is very convenient, between the sieve plate and a sieve plate in close contact, not easy to rough running.