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In the application of sieve plate


Linear vibration sieve sieve surface arc rotary vibration sieve sieve basket fan cartridge filter screen

The sieve plate in the solid-liquid separation, solid solid separation has good filtration and dehydration.

The sieve plate is mainly used for sewage treatment, washing water purification, wastewater treatment industry, fishery, poultry, fruits and vegetables. We can be based on your filter volume requirements and filter material for you to produce different width, length, slit width and wedge wire size. We have a long service life for the screen of your design, requiring minimal repair cost. Materials include stainless steel, galvanized, can also be added according to the requirements of the flange.

Our company's filtration equipment is according to the customer demand for production design. To create the most exact and durable de medium best arc sieve surface, linear vibrating sieve plate and arc rotary vibration sieve, sieve basket fan-shaped cylinder. The main difference between the optimized fan cylinder and the ordinary fan cylinder is that the optimized fan cylinder adopts the V type wire mesh structure.

The main advantages are:

- general net gap can reach 0.25mm

- easy to install

- high flow capacity

- suitable for various specifications of the reactor

- stronger mechanical properties

- uniform ring spacing ensures uniform process flow and pressure drop

- from the structure already contains the seal and cover plate connection

There is no dead zone, no carbon accumulation, and the catalyst is invalid. Because there is no dead zone, the need to use the amount of catalyst is also reduced, in fact, save considerable cost.

Structural characteristics of optimized fan tube:

- the blind plate at the top of the screen can prevent the catalyst bed and the fluid

- V - type and V - type wire mesh is separated by a seal between the side plate, which is separated from the back of the screen and the reactor wall.

Cracks are provided along the axial, and provide a smooth mesh surface.