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Oil sand screen


The classification of oil pipe many simple examples: 1. Slotted sieve tube 2. Drilling sieve tube 3. Winding wire screen 4. The bridge screen 5. Composite screen

In oil drilling operation, the screen is a kind of important equipment, often using pre completion or oil sand. At present, the screen is widely used wire wrapped screen.

Manufacturing method of the screen is in uniform distribution in the surrounding sieve rod or open hole of the metal liner wound on a section of the steel wire and welded, and set aside certain gap

As a sieve.

Company supplies high-quality bridge screen, I produced the bridge screen light is widely used in rig, oil. Characteristics of petroleum slotted pipe has the advantages of simple operation, easy to use.

The inner diameter is large and easy to be carried out.

The trapezoidal screw filter performance:

1, our company produces the V type wire all welded trapezoidal wound filter pipe, is a type V type around the wire and V type rib (or round bar) at each cross point.

2, ladder shaped wire filter pipe structure is strong, high porosity, accurate gap size. Especially suitable for the fine sand and silt strata of the well.

3, trapezoidal wire filter pipe easy to reverse flushing, long service life, safe and reliable, low cost.

4, the higher the porosity of the filter pipe is more suitable for the construction of high efficiency water, oil, gas well.

5, low operating costs, high porosity of the filter pipe is more conducive to the infiltration of groundwater. The amount of water makes the depth of the water level decreased, thereby reducing the energy consumption. Especially

Fine sand and fine sand layer for water well.

6, Jian Xiaobeng's wear, under the same conditions, the higher the porosity of the ground water in the infiltration of the filter when the speed is slower than the speed of other filter device