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Structure and working principle of water distributor


The structure of the fabric is shown in Figure 1. The sealing box is used for connecting the rotating part and the stationary part of the water distributor. Cooling water through the water inlet pipe

Flow into the cloth pipe, and form the water flow through the spray holes on the pipe, and sprinkle it on the cooling tower. Because the diameter of the hole is relatively small, the water flow has a certain speed, according to the principle of the force and the reaction force, the water pipe is subjected to the opposite of the flow direction, so that the water flow is distributed to the cooling tower. The cloth water apparatus appears simple, but the determination of the parameters of each part is very important, there is a certain logical relationship between the parameters. The following design steps are given to determine the principles of the parameters.

Determination of pore size of nozzle

In theory, the smaller the diameter of the holes, the more the number of the water, the better the uniformity of the cloth. But the spray hole is too small easy to plug, processing is difficult, the minimum should be more than 0.003m, in addition to considering the velocity.